Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Our good example

We aim to set a good example and to inspire others to contribute towards a more sustainable world, in which we reuse raw materials, sustainably offset energy losses in our networks, create energy-neutral buildings and minimise our environmental footprint. Our CSR policy is set out in the CSR statement and CSR principles.

Purchasing & suppliers

We want to do business with suppliers who act responsibly and with integrity. We have therefore identified four strategic principles for our partnerships with suppliers: reliability, affordability, customer focus and sustainability.

Purchasing conditions

Enexis Group bases its purchasing activities on the following general purchasing conditions.
In addition to these conditions, the various companies that make up the group may also apply their own specific requirements in relation to suppliers.

Socially responsible purchasing

Together with our suppliers, we want to help resolve a number of societal issues. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers clarifies a number of principles relating to corporate social responsibility.

We apply the same requirements to our business partners as we do to our own company. By entering into a contract with one of the companies of the Enexis Group, suppliers commit themselves to compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations and to our principles.

Complaints committee for tenders

As a contracting authority, we are bound by the Procurement Act and we therefore uphold the principles of transparency, equal treatment and proportionality.

In addition to this, we have established a Complaints Committee for Tenders, which has been in place since 1 April 2013, to handle any complaints that arise from contracts with Enexis B.V. or companies that belong to the Enexis Holding N.V. group.


accredited under the Solo Enexis Accreditation Regulations 2013 (TN26061)

  • Hak
  • Baas BV
  • BAM Infratechniek Midden-West BV
  • BAM Infratechniek Noordoost BV
  • BAM Infratechniek Zuid BV
  • Denys NV
  • Dura Vermeer Ondergrondse Infra BV
  • Heijmans Civiel BV
  • Imtech Traffic & Infra BV




  • J&D Leidingsystemen BV
  • Osinga BV, Tynaarlo
  • Siers Leiding-Montageprojecten Oldenzaal BV
  • Van Voskuilen Woudenberg BV
  • Van Vulpen BV, Gorinchem
  • Verkley BV, Drachten
  • Visser & Smit Hanab Distributie BV
  • Ziut


Do you have an invoice for one of the companies of the Enexis Group? Then please ensure that it is addressed to the right person and sent to the right company.

The invoicing requirements for each company are shown below. This includes all the information that invoices must include. Some of this information relates to legal and tax requirements, and some of the information is required for Enexis Group’s own administration.

From April 2019 Enexis Groep will be using e-invoicing. This way invoices can be processed fully digital.  Which is much easier and costs less time. Togheter with our suppliers we will make sure that the transition fase will go smoothly.