Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Our good example

We aim to set a good example and to inspire others to contribute towards a more sustainable world, in which we reuse raw materials, sustainably offset energy losses in our networks, create energy-neutral buildings and minimise our environmental footprint. Our SRP policy is set out in the SRP statement and SRP principles.

Sustainable Procurement policy

Socially responsible procurement is an important instrument to reach your goals in CSR. This also applies to Enexis Groep. That is why we have formalized this in our SRP policy.

Our SRP policy

Whether it is about European tenders, our cables under the ground or purchasing office supplies. Due to the new SRP policy we only work together with companies that meet our requirements in the field of:

  1. Man, like sustainable employability.
  2. Material, like preventing or recycling waste.
  3. Environment, like reducing energy consumption.

Anita den Hoed, Senior Advisor Purchase: “This policy helps us to approach the market in a different way. Our social position makes us a rolmodel in sustainability. That is way the SRP policy is developed form the thought: If you want to change the world, first start with yourself.”

From our cables to mail delivery

The policy is applied to everything Enexis Groep purchases. From the cables under the ground or contractors that dig a trench in the ground. But also the landscaping near our stations. For which we hired people with a distance to the job market. And also our mail delivery is socially responsible: our mail is being deliverd by bike.

An open policy

Sustainability is the most effective when working together. Enexis Groep’s SRP policy supports collaboration. Anita: “We need each other, especially in sustainability. We actively invite our suppliers to work with us to strive for further sustainability. This way we can inspire each other.”

Sustainability: now and in the future

Suppliers are selected on sustainability aspects. Not only at the beginning of the contract period, but also during. We try to make the process and/or product more sustainable. This way we work as socially responsible as possible, now and in the future, for man, material and environment.

Socially responsible purchasing

Together with our suppliers, we want to help resolve a number of societal issues. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers clarifies a number of principles relating to corporate social responsibility.

We apply the same requirements to our business partners as we do to our own company. By entering into a contract with one of the companies of Enexis Groep, suppliers commit themselves to compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations and to our principles.

Purchasing & suppliers

We want to do business with suppliers who act responsibly and with integrity. We have therefore identified four strategic principles for our partnerships with suppliers: reliability, affordability, customer focus and sustainability.

Purchasing conditions

Enexis Groep bases its purchasing activities on the following general purchasing conditions.
In addition to these conditions, the various companies that make up the group may also apply their own specific requirements in relation to suppliers.

Complaints committee for tenders

As a contracting authority, we are bound by the Procurement Act and we therefore uphold the principles of transparency, equal treatment and proportionality.

In addition to this, we have established a Complaints Committee for Tenders, which has been in place since 1 April 2013, to handle any complaints that arise from contracts with Enexis Netbeheer B.V. or companies that belong to the Enexis Holding N.V. group.


Do you have an invoice for one of the companies of Enexis Groep? Then please ensure that it is addressed to the right person and sent to the right company.

The invoicing requirements for each company are shown below. This includes all the information that invoices must include. Some of this information relates to legal and tax requirements, and some of the information is required for Enexis Groep’s own administration.

In the absence of a formal purchase order it is currently still possible to submit an invoice directly. Shortly this option will not be available anymore. You can find the instructions in our framework standards.

From April 2019 Enexis Groep will be using e-invoicing. This way invoices can be processed fully digital.  Which is much easier and costs less time. Togheter with our suppliers we will make sure that the transition fase will go smoothly.