Energie-Nederland about compliance

"Energy companies as well as grid operators play an important role in energy transition. The challenge is that we don’t exactly know what the future will look like. We expect a decline in gas consumption and an upward trend towards all-electric. But how? There’s much to discover throughout the chain. From grid operator, to technician and boiler producer. The Progress Energy Transition law clearly defines the margins within which the grid operators can experiment. This is good, because accelerating the process is only possible when tasks are clearly defined.


We are drawing up new rules for a sustainable and stable energy system

Medy van der Laan, Chair, Energie-Nederland

Transitioning to an all-electric system is a massive challenge for grid operators in terms of planning and costs. We support the plea from Enexis Groep to deploy hybrid heat pumps. This will enable us to realise desired scenario gradually and cost-effectively. Moreover, technology will have the opportunity to develop over the next few years. We support the free market, because competition in the heat transition sector will lead to the most cost-efficient outcome.

Another important topic for grid operators is flexibility in the consumer market. Due to the increase in the supply of sustainable energy sources, supply and demand for electricity will fluctuate. Grid enhancement will be essential, but we also need to look at how to manage and utilise our capacity efficiently. For instance, by using smart charging. At the Round Table for Energy Provision we are cooperating with various parties, to draw up new rules. This is necessary for a future sustainable and a stable energy system."