Ministry of Economic Affairs about accessible energy supply

"Those enjoying green electricity don’t usually have windmills in their back garden. That might not sound like a problem, but balancing benefits and burdens is an important aspect of energy transition. The Netherlands has a huge task ahead. To reach the climate objectives in time, the speed of construction needs to increase levels usually only seen in China. The acceptance and recognition of the need for change goes a lot faster once you engage people in the problem, and ensure an equal distribution of tasks with respect to the quality of the living environment.


The social value of an area-specific approach is invaluable

Lennert Goemans, Project leader, Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate

Since energy transition has such a massive spatial impact, grid operators as well as the Department of Waterways and Public Works and water authorities will need to broader their horizons. Because to increase sustainability more cheaper and quicker it would be smart to locate large energy consumers and suppliers closer to each other. Enexis Groep knows exactly what type of capacity is needed where, and can help municipalities and instigators of projects to consider the location of generation sources of sustainable energy in relation to the infrastructure. With this kind of information Enexis Groep can take a leading position in the investment plans in the region. This also ensures energy costs remain affordable for everyone.

One final heartfelt plea: can the assets be made just a tiny bit more appealing to the eye? If you pay attention to aligning the design of the transformer stations, for example, with the actual landscape, you’ll not only enhance the visual aspect, you’ll also speed up public acceptance. The social value of such an area-specific approach is invaluable."