Rutger van der Leeuw new CEO of Enexis Groep

Rutger van der Leeuw new CEO of Enexis Groep

12 September 2023

The Supervisory Board has appointed Rutger van der Leeuw (47) as CEO of Enexis Groep. He succeeds Evert den Boer, who announced last month that he was stepping down as CEO of Enexis due to health reasons. Van der Leeuw is currently a member of the Executive Board in the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), and is responsible for all technical operations and customer processes at Enexis.

Rutger van der Leeuw joined Enexis in August 2012 as Procurement Manager. He subsequently held the positions of Director of Customer & Market and Director of Infrastructure, before becoming COO in 2020. Before joining Enexis, Van der Leeuw held various management positions at KPN.

Jos Nijhuis (Chairman Supervisory Board): "Enexis has an excellent board of directors. Together, they form a first-rate team. Rutger has the qualities required for the role of CEO, which Enexis will very much need in the coming period. With Rutger, we are choosing a chairman of the board who knows the company and its employees very well, and who also knows better than anyone how big the operational challenge is to accomplish the energy transition in Enexis' service area. Cooperation is key in this, in the sector, but also with governments and other partners." 

Rutger van der Leeuw: "We have a huge task ahead of us, to have a CO2-neutral energy system for the Netherlands built by 2050. As grid operator, Enexis plays a crucial role in this. We are working hard every day to ensure that our customers can count on a sustainable and reliable energy supply, now and in the future. I consider it an honour to be able to put my shoulder to the wheel as CEO of Enexis, together with all my colleagues in the organisation."

Jos Nijhuis: "I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent way in which the Executive Board has picked up the work over the past year during Evert den Boer's absence. That was not to be taken for granted. We are confident that with this Executive Board - soon to be joined by a new COO - we have a strong team in place to meet the challenges of the energy transition."

The Central Works Council and the Shareholders' Committee both delivered a positive opinion on Van der Leeuw's appointment.

Meanwhile, the Supervisory Board has also started the recruitment process for the position of COO created in the Executive Board as a result of the appointment of Rutger van der Leeuw.