Request to shareholders to strengthen equity

16 April 2020

The energy transition has a major impact on network operators and therefore also on Enexis Netbeheer. This is, for example, due to the construction of wind and solar parks, but also due to the changing behavior of customers who, for example, will be generating decentralized energy. As a result, Enexis Netbeheer has an increasing investment level for facilities that make the grid suitable for these changing energy flows.

In addition, Enexis Netbeheer continues to invest in regular maintenance and regular extensions that are necessary for a safe and reliable network. All this together means a structurally higher level of activity and investment. Current regulation does not sufficiently facilitate the aforementioned growth in investments. In order to be able to finance growth as a result of the energy transition in the future, Enexis Netbeheer critically assesses its own efficiency and is in discussion with the regulatory authorities.

Enexis Holding and its shareholders have recently explored options for strengthening equity. This has resulted in a request to all shareholders to strengthen equity with a convertible hybrid shareholder loan totaling € 500 million. The shareholders will consider this request in the coming months. At the request of the shareholders, there are two so-called boarding moments: in July 2020 and in November 2020. In this way, Enexis Group proactively fulfills its role in the energy transition.