<b>Executing the energy transition</b> is the <b>top priority</b> in Enexis Groep's new strategy

Executing the energy transition is the top priority in Enexis Groep's new strategy

29 March 2022

The Executive Board of Enexis Groep will present its new strategic plan to its shareholders today. With the new strategy, Enexis Groep will focus on executing the energy transition. Everything must be aimed at a safe and reliable energy supply now and in the future, the timely connection of customers, and the realisation of the energy system of the future.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. We are transitioning to a CO2-neutral energy supply. There are still many uncertainties regarding the final configuration and the path that should be taken. The coming ten years will be characterised by a large diversity of parties and solutions that will exist alongside each other. This means that Enexis, together with its stakeholders, will be going through a period of accelerated development to realise the climate goals.

Focus on executing the energy transition

The energy transition has already led to a huge increase in Enexis’s work package and this will continue in the coming years. Carrying out this work package requires our full attention. Consequently, Enexis is sharpening its focus on its core activities. The availability of sufficient motivated and skilled employees is essential to be able to carry out this work. In a tight labour market, Enexis’s main focus is on the retention, training, and development of existing personnel and on recruiting new employees. In addition, Enexis is making maximum use of the available capacity at contractors.

future-oriented, reliable, and transparant

Promoting the optimal energy choices for society is an important aspect in the new strategy. To this end, Enexis develops plans in close cooperation and coordination with governments, market parties, and local communities. The company is also looking into new energy carriers and the infrastructure that is required for this, such as hydrogen and energy storage.

Customers can trust that our grids are and will remain safe and reliable. Lights must continue to burn, homes have to be heated. We will also not make any concessions in this regard in the energy transition. Where the average outage time is concerned, our aim is to continue to perform better than the sector average in the coming years.

As a grid operator, we would like to be more predictable for our customers. Exactly now that customers have many questions in the energy transition, customers should be able to obtain our services easily and should know what they can expect when. Therefore, Enexis is transparent regarding processing times and the status of our activities. We aim to connect customers on the date that they requested. If that is not possible, Enexis contacts the customer to schedule an appointment within a reasonable period of time.

Enexis aims to build at least 1 gigawatt additional grid capacity every year to facilitate new developments, such as renewable energy generation, electrification, and sustainable mobility. This means that we will expand the capacity of our electricity grid every year by approximately 10%.

The Enexis Groep Strategic Plan has been submitted to the shareholders for approval and the decision will be taken at the General Meeting of Shareholders on 14 April 2022.