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Enexis Holding’s new strategic plan

3 Apr 2017

The Board of Directors of Enexis Holding has submitted the new strategic plan to its shareholders today. The new strategic course described in this plan focuses on excellent network management and an acceleration of energy transition. This is the company’s response to society’s changing demands in the fields of flexibility, energy conservation, sustainable development of areas and electric transportation. The new strategic course has been formulated as: “We are realising sustainable provision of energy through state-of-the-art services and networks and by taking control in innovative solutions. We are achieving this with a focus on excellent network management and the acceleration of the energy transition.” The strategic plan will be discussed by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 20 April 2017.

The strategic plan was drafted in close collaboration with a large group of stakeholders and various shareholders. These sessions revealed a desire for more attention for innovation and increased sustainability in the provision of energy. Furthermore, collaboration with the local stakeholders will be further intensified. In order to safeguard continuity in the management of the energy infrastructure, Enexis is making sure that it maintains its solid financial position. This also creates the leeway necessary to make timely investments towards a sustainable provision of energy. Thus, Enexis is making sure that the power network will continue to be affordable and reliable in the future.

Accelerated energy transition

In collaboration with local partners, such as consumers, governments and other stakeholders, Enexis is realising the Dutch goals in the areas of sustainable energy production, energy conservation and greener energy. The company is realising these goals by sharing its knowledge and expertise and by collaborating to develop new services. Enexis Holding is realising innovative, scalable solutions that will accelerate the transition to sustainable energy provision.

Excellent network management

Customers rely on quick service, ease of use and low costs. Enexis is therefore simplifying and digitising processes and making smart use of data. Furthermore, Enexis ensures that energy networks and services are ready ahead of changes in the energy world, guaranteeing an equal or better reliability of energy provision after the change. In all the company’s activities, public safety and the safety of its employees are the top priority.

Peter Vermaat, chair of the Board of Directors: “The energy transition calls on Enexis’ ability to change. We wish to address the changing needs of our customers, understand new developments, and apply them properly. Our challenge is to learn to deal with the insecurities that the energy transition creates. It will not always be easy, but we have the energy, the expertise and the experience to be prepared for and make use of change. It is with full conviction that we embark on this new strategic course to conduct excellent network management and accelerate the energy transition.”

The strategic plan has been submitted to the shareholders for approval and will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 20 April 2017.

About Enexis Group

Enexis is a grid operator in the energy sector. With nearly 4500 employees, we provide for a reliable energy supply and we offer services with which we make people's lives more pleasant and easier. By employing our knowledge, expertise and energy in all possible ways, we aim to play a leading role in the energy transition. A role within society that we will also continue to fulfil in times of rapid change. Now and in the future.