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Enexis Holding and Stedin Groep reach agreement on Weert gas and electricity network

8 Feb 2017

Stedin Groep, the parent company of Stedin, the network operator, and Enexis Holding, the parent company of Enexis Netbeheer, have reached an agreement on the sale of the gas and electricity supply networks in Weert. The intention is that Enexis Holding will acquire Stedin's 22,000 electricity and 20,000 gas connections by 1 January 2018 at the latest. The 33 employees currently working at Stedin in Weert will be employed by Enexis Netbeheer with effect from that date onwards.

Since the start of this century, Stedin has been managing and maintaining the energy networks of the municipality of Weert in Limburg, while the networks in the rest of the province of Limburg are now managed by Enexis Network Management. The plan to transfer these energy networks is consistent with the policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which is namely that the networks are to be managed along provincial lines (as described in the report of the Kist Committee in 2008).

By consolidating electricity and gas networks in the province of Limburg under one network manager, a situation will be created in which there is greater clarity for all stakeholders, including customers, municipalities and provinces. It will also make it possible to work more efficiently. This year, in addition to the migration of customers, the transfer of employees from Stedin to Enexis Netbeheer will also be arranged.