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CEO Peter Vermaat to leave Enexis Groep in mid-2020

14 Jan 2020

The Supervisory Board of Enexis Groep reports that CEO Peter Vermaat has announced his intention to transfer his tasks to a successor in mid-2020. After six years in charge of Enexis, he believes that it is time to move on.

Completion of the climate agreement heralds a new phase in the energy transition, says Vermaat. "In recent years, as CEO within and beyond Enexis, I have been able to contribute to the framework conditions and the launch speed needed for the implementation phase that is now beginning. There is a clear strategy in place, and there is a stable and very committed organisation of management and employees. Our operational activities will reach the highest level ever in 2020; with this a new phase is dawning that calls for other emphases in organisation and leadership than when I started in 2014. It is sensible that a new CEO should take the lead in the coming period."

The Supervisory Board respects this decision and has started the process of seeking a successor. "We are very grateful to Peter for the inspiring way in which he, together with his colleagues in the Board of Directors and Management, led the company and shaped the first phase of the energy transition within Enexis and the sector", says Piet Moerland, chairman of the Supervisory Board. "A great deal has been achieved under Peter's leadership. We understand his considerations and appreciate the fact that we have ample time to find a new CEO."

With a strong focus on two strategic pillars, excellent grid management and acceleration of the energy transition, Enexis has taken targeted steps in many areas in recent years. For example, the level of production in 2020 is almost 50% above that of 2014. Customer processes have improved and become more transparent, and a culture that focuses on results and continuous improvement has emerged. In the area of energy transition, where the challenge is great and ongoing, Enexis has made a visible and substantive contribution to the Climate Agreement.

It is not yet known what Peter Vermaat’s future role will be: "For the foreseeable future, I will focus on executing the Enexis’ plans for 2020. I am pleased to be able to take enough time to hand over to my successor, and I will also gradually focus on a new phase in my career."