Our contribution

Climate change has a negative impact on our environment, the economy and people's health and is often cited as one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Enexis Group therefore makes an active contribution to a sustainable and low-carbon future, in line with the goals of SDG 13: Climate action. We facilitate the energy transition in the Netherlands, and thus a lower emission of greenhouse gases in our country. Also, we are looking for new opportunities for a sustainable future through Enpuls, a non-profit organizational unit of Enexis Groep that focuses on the development of visions, concepts and heating solutions to further accelerate the energy transition and thus reduce Dutch emissions. Enexis also takes responsibility for the impact of its own operation. Our net emissions have been zero since 2016 and we reduce CO₂ emissions where possible. In this way, we take our responsibility for realizing the climate objectives from the Climate Agreement.


Enpuls is a young, independent organization of visionaries, business thinkers and concept developers, who focus on accelerating the energy transition and a sustainable, low-carbon future. Enpuls explores the future, seizes opportunities and helps to realize local energy ambitions. They focus on four themes: the built environment, mobility, flexibility in the energy system and heat infrastructure.

Net zero footprint

Since 2016, Enexis has been the only carbon neutral grid operator in the Netherlands. The footprint of our operations is net zero. To achieve this we use three principles:

  1. We reduce our emissions where possible;
  2. We opt for green procurement if available;
  3. If reduction or green procurement is not possible, then we offset the climate effect.

Read more about our CO2 footprint in our annual report. 

Net zero in practice