Lopster Energy Cooperative about sustainability of the energy supply

"Loppersum is located in the centre of the earthquake zone in Groningen. The numerous homes in the village that have been damaged have been repaired and in 2017 a project was started to carry out further reinforcement. Houses are extensively inspected and then preventive reinforcements were made to help them withstand potential future earthquakes. This was also an excellent opportunity to increase sustainability at the same time. Many villagers have used the money from the first damage compensation to invest in solar panels and insulation. As a result, we suddenly became one of the most sustainable villages in the Netherlands. Enexis Groep noticed the difference in terms of energy supply and demand. In 2017, our cooperative also opened a sunroof with almost 200 solar panels, and we are looking into wind energy.


We suddenly became one of the most sustainable villages in the Netherlands

Tjitse Mollema, Chair Lopster Energy Cooperative

Our goal is the trias energetica*: becoming CO2 neutral by generating power ourselves, saving energy and making the winter power provision greener. We work closely with the Loppersum Neighbourhood Team. They are focusing primarily on saving energy in combination with reinforcing the homes. Loppersum is not looking at creating an independent grid – yet. Our members rate reliability and enhanced sustainability over self-sufficiency.

We are supported in our ambitions by several parties, including Enexis Groep. They help us draw up plans. However, implementing sustainable initiatives is yet not standard and is sometimes messy. This is why we need to continue to work together to find a solution."

* The Trias Energetica is a model developed by the Delft University of Technology for pursuing energy sustainability in the building sector.