Eindhoven Airport about reliability of energy supply

"On 27 May 2017 Eindhoven Airport was closed temporarily. Our new car park – that was still under construction – had partially collapsed and crushed a transformer shed. As if the carnage wasn’t enough, we were instantly without power. All the lights went off, computers shut down and the baggage reclaim carrousel, which was full of suitcases at the time, was no longer working. We had a real problem on our hands as everything was down for about 20 minutes.


The bagage reclaim carrousel, full of suitcases, had stopped moving

Joost Meijs, Managing Director Eindhoven Airport N.V.

For an airport, continuous power supply is crucial. Our processes have been optimised and mostly digitalised to prevent waste. And without power, operational excellence is simply not achievable. So, this is where we reply on the Enexis Groep network. We can generate a limited proportion of our energy demand with solar panels on the hotel, terminal and baggage hall. This is important to us, because Eindhoven Airport wants to become a leading European airport in terms of sustainability. This is why we make our buildings energy efficient and use 100% green energy.

We’re not alone in our ambition to become more sustainable. Many large corporations aim to increase their sustainability and will use the infrastructure differently in the future. My advice to Enexis Groep: capitalise on this trend and ask large partners, such as airports and other major energy consumers to cooperate in shaping energy supply and demand. Together, we can learn from the energy transition, and even accelerate it, while safeguarding reliability."