Strijp-S about innovation

"This is the site where Philips grew up. The innovative energy that was present then still very much prevails here today. At Strijp-S 1,000 companies bring together technological knowledge and design. From established companies, to start-ups and scale-ups. They tackle important societal issues like security, health and energy transition. That’s why this is the ideal place to experiment.


If it works here, it will work everywhere

Alwin Beernink, Direcor Strijp Park Management

Enexis Groep manages the European smart grid project Interflex here at Strijp-S. Through various pilots, they are developing the next generation of smart networks. For instance, they are carrying out research into how behaviour and technology can contribute to future energy provision. With a smart ‘charging grid’ for electric cars parties are experimenting with smart charging, storage and IT systems.

Users of our site are unfamiliar with this technology, but we are a living lab, and businesses want to get involved. It’s great to see our users actively participating in finding solutions. The international nature of Interflex is also something worth highlighting. Everything is happening in Eindhoven and in five other European countries. Because mobility doesn’t just stop at the border. We are learning from the pilots in other countries and vice versa. I am convinced that if it works here, it will work everywhere. Enexis Groep can upscale their successful solutions to half of the Netherlands. They believe in getting the job done, just like us."