ING Bank about economic performance

"At ING Bank, we follow the financial situation at Enexis Groep closely. A solid financial position is not only important to banks like us, it’s equally important to investors in bonds in the grid operator. It opens doors to the capital market. And this is precisely what makes it possible for Enexis Groep to invest in future energy provisions.


A solid financial position is not only important to banks

Ray van Kesteren, Director Corporate Clients, ING Bank N.V.

Financers are interested is whether the return outweighs the risk. Enexis’ A+ rating is a good reflection of the beneficial risk profile with a corresponding appealing interest rate. To have a more complete overview, we enhance the annual and bi-annual results of Enexis Groep with our own benchmark objectives. We look ahead and it would, therefore, be valuable to have insight into the financial expectations of Enexis Groep.

Looking ahead also means that we follow developments in the marketplace. The transition from a system that is fuelled by raw materials to one that is fuelled by sustainable energy is the big challenge in the industry. The strategic choice to play a role in speeding up the energy transition, adds value to our relationship with Enexis Groep. It’s in line with ING core values."