Our vision

Our vision

Accelerating the energy transition

The way in which we generate and consume energy is changing rapidly. We use natural resources, such as the sun and wind. Through the use of appliances and vehicles, we are becoming increasingly dependent on electricity. At Enexis, we want to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition, focusing on themes that align with our expertise.

Four scenarios

The availability of sustainable energy will increase in the 21st century. At the same time, we will use this energy in ever-smarter ways. What impact will this have on our current energy supply? Who will provide shape and substance to this transition? Existing parties, new companies, citizens or perhaps the government? Enexis has drawn up four future scenarios themed around a key question:

How will we have arranged the energy supply in 2030?


Creating & sharing value

In our daily work we are closely connected with our stakeholders, like clients, shareholders and local energy corporations. We enter into dialogue with them and familiarise ourselves with what they need and expect from us. This way we create and share the value for our stakeholders.