Our priorities in 2019


Working Safely

Working safety is more than a priority. It comes from within and is our most important value. We want everyone to return home safe and healthy every day. That is why we believe that any accident is one too many. We show leadership and encourage one another to make safe choices. Safety always comes first. Even if the work overruns and/or becomes more expensive. We make no concessions in this regard.


Customer-driven work

The economy is growing, and extensive investments are done to make homes, buildings and offices more sustainable and making electricity generation more sustainable. We are noticing that this is leading to increased requests from customers. We give priority to carrying out customer-driven work over maintenance and replacement, provided that our networks and our work continue to be safe. We are thereby working on the power supply for today and tomorrow.


Improvement projects for the customer

The expansion of our work package and the lack of available staff and materials demand greater focus within our improvement portfolio. We need to do the work for our customers more efficiently or smarter, so that they feel that they have been properly supported. We give priority to improvement projects that deliver visible results for our customers. This increases our social added value.


Accelerating the energy transition

We want to take steps to both facilitate and accelerate the energy transition. Broad support is thereby essential. Initiatives are aimed at implementing and developing achievable and affordable solutions. For example: we help municipal councils to produce plans for solutions that deliver quick results at the lowest possible cost.